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Matt is thrilled to be performing for this event - a long time advocate of ecological causes through his music over many years - Matt has a catalogue of songs inspired by nature and conservation. He will be performing at the main stage at 4pm and later in the evening at Grace United Methodist Church on 3rd St. Welcome to the 2023 Pennsylvania Climate Convergence! On October 1 & 2, people from across Pennsylvania will be converging in Harrisburg to change the conversation on climate change.
The Pennsylvania Climate Convergence's organizers are frontline community members, grassroots organizers, and advocates. The Pennsylvania Climate Convergence is a diverse, inclusive, peaceful gathering organized to demand urgent action by our government to address the climate crisis. The path to climate justice necessarily includes the phase out of greenhouse gas production and a just transition to clean, renewable energy for those most affected by the exploitative fossil fuel and petrochemical economy. Because many of our partner organizations are registered non-profits, we are not able to include political parties, PACs, or 527 groups in our scheduled events and actions.